5 tips how to make your TV watching more enjoyable

Although Internet is becoming an absolutely necessary part of our lives and is available on many types of “screens” almost everybody owns, TV still keeps the role of a hearth in our household. Television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a relatively cheap one. Big set pieces such as live concerts, football matches, jubilee celebrations or an Olympic Games opening ceremony need to be watched live.

1. The biggest TV doesn’t mean the best

As long as people are not limited by a budget or size of their room, many of them would choose a TV screen as big as they can afford.

Why not? A big screen picture provides amore authentic screen view and better watching experience too.  Into account you should take your seating distance, your eyes and finally, acceptance of any co-deciders.

There is a direct correlation between recommended screen size and the seating distance. The farther away you sit, obviously, the smaller your TV appears. Ideal is to have a screen that fills a certain amount of your field of view, though, how much the “ideal” is, is up for debate. Recommended view angle approximates 40 degrees or less.


As THX recommends, you should divide your screen by number 84. For example if your TV screen has 127 cm (50 inch) you should sit in a distance more than 1.3 m (5-7.5 ft).


2. Avoid hurting your eyes while watching TV

Nearly all LCDs have a backlight adjustment. You can lower the overall light output by reducing the backlight  in your display settings. If you’ve never adjusted the factory settings, it’s probably at or near the top of its range. Your eyes need time to adapt to bright and dark scenes. It is called the “iris” in your eye which is responsible for this. Ambiscreen helps iris to reduce this time so your eyes are protected while watching.


3. Don’t make TV your second sleeping partner

Not only does television in the bedroom keep us up later at night, but there are also studies that indicate watching television before going to bed actually disrupts sleep cycles.
Nevertheless, such couples who keep a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. Probably because there are over a million things more stimulating than a man watching football match…

You don’t have to remove the television from your bedroom, but your life can be better if you use your bedroom only for sleep and sex by keeping work materials, computers, and televisions away from the sleeping environment.


4. Be effective! Watch and lose your weight

After work and dinner, do you find yourself vegging out in front of the TV? You’re not alone. Exercising while watching TV is something we all ought to do. All you need to do is to find a place in front of your TV screen and just start. You can switch up your exercises routines not to get bored, so when watching a drama or thriller, do some cardio or squats.

If you don’t feel like carving out for the whole block (30-60 minutes), you can easily get enough exercise in short 5 or 10-minute bursts.

Find some tips here: The best workouts you can do in front of the TV


5. Mount your TV and hide ugly cords

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that TVs produced nowadays are so small and thin, but cords occupy the same space as 10 years ago? It’s really strange. Hiding all these things is much harder when you want to hang TV on the wall.

See the difference:
Mount your TV and and hide ugly records


And how do YOU make your TV watching more enjoyable?

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