Movies worth watching with special effects – Have more fun! – a list by AmbiScreen

AmbiScreen - Finding NemoSee our guide to the 5 most compelling movies released in recent years.

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1. Finding Nemo

This Oscar movie with more than 46 other prizes and 50 nominations has all of the usual pleasures of the Pixar animation style – the comedy and wackiness what makes Finding Nemo popular for all ages.

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2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is super famous film series consisting of 8 fantasy movies. It is popular by both young and adult audiences and it is always amazing experience to see it.

Whichever part you’ll see, those characters make it special: one of the most revered characters in all of Harry Potter lore, Albus Dumbledore, friendship between Ron, Hermione and Harry, lots of scary scenes and never-ending fantasy.

3. Avengers

Avengers – is series of movies having such a different reviews. Earth’s heroes must fight together against a lot of enemies.
The latest “Avengers” movie plays its music loud from start to finish. Mindless action rules, punctuated only by super hero/villain quips.

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4. Star Trek (new series)

Star Trek is back. It’s action-packed, exciting, and visually spectacular – who would have thought that the dying sci-fi series could be resurrected into something this fun?

5. Iron Man

Downey’s performance is larger and more animated than the action and special effects; he’s the heart beneath Iron Man’s titanium plating and the best reason to see the film, even with AmbiScreen colorful effects :-)

Enjoy! :-)

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