Official announcement about heldpesk outage

Dear visitors, dear friends, dear customers,

we would like to keep you informed about several helpdesk issues from period 26th Dec 2017 to end of February 2018. Before Christmas, 22th Dec 2017 our supplier implemented new helpdesk system for us. It included unified helpdesk system, where we should be able to handle all requests via emails, from website contact form and social accounts from one place. At the end of January 2018 we found out (also several our customers let us know) that some their messages were not responded (emails, messages on social websites, and other contact channels). We started investigation of this issue on 1st February 2018. We found out that some of messages were marked as SPAM (emails) and another messages on social account were not even shown and delivered in the new helpdesk system. So the customers could think we obtained all messages but in fact because of this issue we didn’t. We are very sorry for this situation and appologies for all complications caused. We hoped new system helps us to respond to all of our great fans and customers faster but reality showed us that it wasn’t good step in this field as the new helpdesk system was not implemented the right way. Therefore we missed a lot your messages and were not able to respond you.

Steps taken
Frow start of our investigation at 1st February 2018 we newly implemented system until we were able to find out what is wrong. It was complicated to identify issue as many requests from fans and customers came ok, but as we found out later, many did not come ok. At the end of February 2018 we decided to move back to “old-way” of handling all channels manually (emails, social accounts, other channels) and we identified many messages as lost or marked as SPAM. We are contacting one by one manually again the affected users who did not receive response from us. It takes us (we assume) at least 7 – 12 business days to respond all affected user but some of the messages have been lost so if you don’t hear from us within this time period, we kindly ask you to send us your request one more time via email. We expect to solve it completely and finish affected customers till middle of March 2018. We are very sorry for inconvenience caused again and we are extremely glad that we have so great supporters who keep their fingers crossed to us even during hard time as this is.

As because of this system issue we decided to make our main support channel emails (direct or via our website) for now until our supplier of helpdesk system will be able to guarantee that this would not happen again.

We are very sorry about the whole situation and we will do our best to prevent in for the future. Thank you for your great support for all your supportive words.

AmbiScreen team

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