Working hard on all pre-orders

One step from many… or how it is made by AmbiScreen  

We are working hard on all devices for our supporters to successfully deliver their devices in pre-order stage. Keep fingers crossed to our factory and if everything goes well, you can look forward to your devices soon.

For now you can see one production step from many:


Thank you, the best backers ever!


Dear Backers!
We would like to thank you for all your effort and help you showed us during our campaign. Campaign ended and it slowed us down a bit BUT we continue.

We want to tell you, we were in touch with many of you and according to our opinion we have the greatest backers ever, even we didn’t reach the goal! There are so many kind people around the globe who helped us during our campaign.

We don’t give up, we’re moving forward and keep our heads up.

First day, 12K raised! IndieGoGo campaign launched

BREAKING NEWS: IndieGoGo campaign launched – IN FIRST DAY, 12K RAISED! Wow, thank you backers!

Keep up and pre-order your own AmbiScreen for a special price for a limited time at

first day, raised 12K

We’ll be glad when you support our IndieGoGo campaign and become our backer. Please don’t forget to LIKE it and SHARE it with your friends through social media – it helps us to improve Gogogfactor. And, of course, BUY it for a special price :)

5 tips how to make your TV watching more enjoyable

Although Internet is becoming an absolutely necessary part of our lives and is available on many types of “screens” almost everybody owns, TV still keeps the role of a hearth in our household. Television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a relatively cheap one. Big set pieces such as live concerts, football matches, jubilee celebrations or an Olympic Games opening ceremony need to be watched live.

1. The biggest TV doesn’t mean the best Continue reading 5 tips how to make your TV watching more enjoyable

Why it is good for startuppers to present at big events

Whatever business idea you have, the first thing you should do is to spread the word about it to as many people as possible.

Ambiscreen gameHowever, nowadays there are so many ways to share ideas available and, what is more, there are a lots of options how to pass a message out in the online world, which is unlimited. Actually, there is something about the truth “Once seen better than heard a hundred times”. This rule pays even more when it comes to anything “touchable”. Continue reading Why it is good for startuppers to present at big events