Connect any device and you are ready to go.

First true pass-through stand-alone ambient display back-lighting for any device
with HDMI or RCA/composite cinch (TV, DVD, PC, Xbox, Mac, PlayStation,...)
You don't need a computer.       Integrated mood light system.

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Enjoy visual experience and protect your eyes
at the same time.

ambiscreen overview

ambiscreen does all the work for you. Instinctively

Protects your eyes Less stress between light and dark scenes

»

Your eyes need time to adapt to bright and dark scenes. It is called the "iris" in your eye which is responsible for this. ambiscreen helps iris to reduce this time so your eyes are protected while watching.

Your eyes suffer without ambiscreen

Better visual experience Get new dimension of visual experience

»

Back-lighting improves your pleasure when watching TV or any other display. It is more natural for your sight. Get the best visual experience and enjoy your favorite movies or anything you are watching :)

Great experience for your eyes with ambiscreen

Pass-through any device Don't need a computer

»

ambiscreen is fully stand-alone system with LEDs. It doesn't need computer as a controller. Just plug ambiscreen between any video source and your TV/display. Mount LEDs to your display with included adhesive layer. You can use any video source with HDMI or composite RCA cinch (set-top box, TV, DVD, PC, Xbox, Mac, PlayStation,...) and switch between them with mobile app.
Works with any device with HDMI or composite RCA cinch

Enlarge your display eyes & brain think you have bigger screen

»

Eye perception is transformed to pictures in your brain.
With ambiscreen ambient lighting system will your TV/monitor screen look bigger (e.g.40'' screen will be as 50'').

Enjoy mood lights lighting system for special occasions

»

Party? Rendezvous? Or just want to sleep well? Simply select prefered mood-light colours and enjoy happy feelings.
Check mood light Videos & Effects

Colour effect themes Use built-in effects

»

Special effects are ready at your hand when you are not watching your TV. Evoke the right atmosphere with smartphone app!       Get inspired in Videos & Effects

All in one device with LEDs ambiscreen package contains all you need

»

Standard package contains ambiscreen device with 52 LEDs up to 50" TV/screens.
If you have bigger display drop us a line in Pre-Order.

Plug'n'play Plug cables and stick LEDs. Done!

»

ambiscreen is designed to be user friendly and everything is included. Unpack, plug, stick LEDs on the back of your TV/monitor screen and you are ready to go!

ScienceDaily Protect your eyes #1

"Eyestrain can occur when the eyes are fixed on an object for a long period of time, there is poor lighting," explains John Bullough, Ph.D., lighting scientist at the LRC and lead researcher on the television study. "... Reducing contrasts in perceived brightness between a visual display and its background will result in reduced visual fatigue and eyestrain."

HealthGuidance Protect your eyes #2

"...when you watch TV in the dark, then the problem is that that is the only lighting in the home. Your eyes are forced to constantly adjust to different levels of lighting which makes the pupils dilate over and over again. Your eyes use more muscles and fatigue those muscles involved."


See it in action.

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Effects and mood-lights

Some effects for inspiration. Choose effects and mood-lights when you are not watching TV.

Which of the followed would you choose?

Help us to to find out most desired design of Ambiscreen Limited Edition.

Which of the followed would you choose? This one or the black one?

Posted by Ambiscreen on Thursday, 23 July 2015

Which of the followed would you choose? This one or the white one?

Posted by Ambiscreen on Thursday, 23 July 2015

How does ambiscreen Work

Simple works. So maybe we should stay that way.

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Know what it does. Just in case.

ambiscreen is designed for higher level of your visual experience while watching TV or any other display.

  • protects your eyes
  • All in one package
  • improves visual experience
  • switch between HDMI and composite input with mobile app
  • LEDs for your TV/display included
  • enlarge your TV/display screen
  • Easy setup. Plug'n'play.
  • just plug HDMI or composite cinch
  • Built-in mood light system
  • built-in colour effects
  • mobile app available for free
  • pass-through system for any device
  • you don't need a computer
  • universal app for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, ... )
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